PSD (Photoshop Document)


PSD stands for Photoshop document. PSD file is commonly a layered file that belongs to Photoshop's file layout. PSD is now a popular and widely accepted file format that many other graphic software programs are programming themselves to be compatible with. PSD is basically used for creating and editing Photoshop files. You can convert PSD to HTML, CSS, Joomla, Wordpress, XHTML and Email templates.

With the help of PSD we can add colors to image. We can even add image layers as it can support all available image modes Bitmap, RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, Indexed Color, Duotone and Multichannel Besides this it can also support other image editing options like clipping paths, spot colors, transparency, duotone settings and channels.

Also, PSD offers an exceptional feature - it provides the layer feature while every other format must be compressed on export. If any software program that supports PSD format directly can then influence this layer information. Saving images in layers is somewhat very helpful because if the requirements of user changes, the images can be edited easily in future. It is handy too as each part can be attuned and edited independently so to achieve better effects when combined.

Transparency mask is one of the best special blending effect of PSD. In desktop publishing, to make it more attractive and creative, the special feature of PSD is used for adjustment and manipulation of an image. Even those designers who work with other image file types like TIFF, first work on their images in Photoshop, then transfer them to their preferred file types.

PSD files are mostly large in size because they have many layers but their size can be condensed by cropping individual layers of the image. But as cropping can reduces the ability to edit so it is a drawback of it. If we leave the images uncropped which can make image files large but it has one advantage that the parts which are outside cropping limits are still written inside the PSD file and they can be revealed by increasing the size of Photoshop image.