PSD To Joomla

PSD to Joomla is a core process to convert .PSD extension to a Joomla template. Joomla is one of the content management systems that is open sourced and available for free. The process of converting .PSD to Joomla is a two stage process. First of all .PSD(Photoshop design) file is converted to HTML mark up language and for this we use CSS coding to keep the quality of template up to international web standards. Then we integrate this HTML/XHTML/CSS code web portal to Joomla template/theme.

Before PSD to Joomla conversion the first and foremost task is to slice multiple PSD file layers. Each layer is converted to HTML/XHTML/CSS file first and then converted to Joomla file by Joomla programmer. This is the most important part in PSD to Joomla conversion and any one mistake can increase your project cost. This is the phase which decides website’s functionality and accessibility. An expert PSD to Joomla developer performs PSD to Joomla theme conversion in the best way which helps in publishing a web portal enormously among possible online users.

PSD slicing is a quick, easy, efficient and cost effective technology for swift slicing and creating remarkable web portals. It makes your whole website more interactive, simple, SEO and User friendly. Joomla conversions are written in PHP and many more attractive features such as Polls, Blogs, Search, News Releases, RSS feeds, multi language and multi currency support are added. It also allows you to edit, publish and add content to your website with the help of WYSIWYG editor. You can also add new pages or modify existing pages. It can also be used to make personalized websites for individual requirement. With the help of .PSD to Joomla conversion you can make dynamic web portals having various advanced features.