HTML5 is newest and latest version of HTML which is decided by World Wide Web and most of the leading IT sector companies have started using them and are giving their full support to the newest version of HTML5.ALomost all common browsers like Mozilla, Google, Microsft are giving their support to HTML5 as it is advanced version of HTML which has many advanced and improved features of HTML which can expand the functionality and accessibility of a specific website up to heights.

This newer and revised version of HTML has become the newest web platform. It has become the most standard Hyper Text Mark UP Language which the most of the web developers and web designers have already started using as the every website owner wants the latest technology to be used for their website development.

HTML has longer DOCTYPE as compares to HTML5 and has element available which was not there in HTML. And now HTML5 is supported by all main browsers that is why the requirement for PSD to HTML5 conversion has increased considerably

The main qualities or you can the main features of HTML5 is backward compatibility and capability to handle errors which don’t involve excess of some unstructured, unformatted, hard to understand XTHML/CSS code.

And to make website search engine friendly many new semantic tags are introduced to make website easily understandable and transparent so that it can easily crawled by major search engines and as a result the website can be ranked higher and more user traffic can be generated to your website for growing your business.

Professional PSD-to-HTML conversion services will always be the center job of designers and developers and this newest and advanced version of HTML5 will increase this role even more

It is obvious that conversion will become more advanced but it’s really difficult to predict that what will be the future of HTML5 in conversion market or whether after the introduction of HTML5 will let to the end of the era of PSD to HTML conversion. However it is for sure the demand of PSD to HTML conversion will certainly increase to the creation of modern and most interactive web portals. The most important thing about HTML5 is that the demand of HTML5 is growing as compared to past few years and it is easily accessible by most of the internet browsers.