How It Works


A customer who is interested in modifying their websites or who want to create a fresh website sends/uploads image files (*.jpeg, *.png, *.psd, etc.) on our website, selects .PSD to HTML conversion and layout options and can pay through an online payment system (PayPal, Google Checkout, etc), and within 3 business days your HTML converted website with full functional and quality features that can be run on all common browsers.

We convert your designs to high quality, cross-browser compatible, valid XHTML / CSS markup. We call this process PSD to HTML

PSD to Wordpress

PSD to Wordpress conversion is quite complex as compared to PSD to HTML conversion but the procedure of conversion is easy. .PSD to Wordpress providers develop and structure your web portal according to your requirements.

PSD to Joomla

Before PSD to Joomla cBefore PSD to Joomla conversion the first and foremost work is to slice multiple PSD files layers and then each layer is first converted to HTML/XHTML/CSS file and then converted to Joomla file by our Joomla programmer.

PSD to Drupal

PSD to Drupal is the best option for converting the data from Adobe Photoshop .PSD designs to a website to grow your business without hiring and expanding your infrastructure by adding employees.
PSD to Drupal It is the standard way to increase the performance and structured presence of your website up to a large extent.

PSD to Magento

PSD to Magento conversion converts PSD data file from the Adobe Photoshop design to Magento based file and is one of the best options to grow your business in the field of Online Store without expanding your infrastructure and wasting time in hiring numerous on roll employees.

Our website works in three simple steps :

» First, you send us your design files in any graphic file format: png, psd, jpg, ai, bmp or archive zip, rar, etc.
» Then we slice it up and code it into valid XHTML/CSS in just 3 business days.
» In the end, we send you the completed XHTML, CSS and image files.